Cham Cham Sauce goes well with…

Traditional and non-traditional uses of our products.

Here are some traditional uses for our Cham Cham Sauce product line:

  1. Egg rolls (best with Vietnamese variety, “Chai Gio”)
  2. Spring rolls (best with Vietnamese variety, “Goi Cuon”)
  3. Crispy, pan-fried tofu
  4. Noodle bowls with our without meat (“Bun thit nuong”)
  5. Vietnamese crepe (“Banh xeo”)
  6. Vietnamese chicken salad
  7. Over rice dishes (fried rice, steamed rice, etc.)
  8. Stir fry dishes

Here are some non-traditional uses for our Cham Cham Sauce product line:

  1. A salad dressing
  2. Fried seafood
  3. Condiment for fruit

Cham Cham Sauce (both fish sauce and vegetarian versions) is a great complement to Vietnamese dishes. It can also be used on non-Vietnamese dishes as well. A mixed greens, summer salad with a light drizzling of Cham Cham Sauce is a great combination. Another use would be with fried seafood. For example, fried catfish with Cham Cham Sauce poured over, or dipped into can be a great combination when eaten with Jasmine rice. An even more unique way of enjoying Cham Cham Sauce is with fruit. Find an unripened guava, mango, papaya, or pears (crunchy is the texture you want), and dip slices of these with Cham Cham Sauce. The sourness of the fruit is offset by the sweet and tartness of the sauce. Give it a try!